Travel software maker moves to open-source

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Backed by a study it commissioned dubbed ?Open For Business? and authored by technology expert Professor Jim Norton, Amadeus is now transitioning from a proprietary system to Linux in running its leading Altea suite for airlines. Amadeus Asia Pacific president David Brett characterized the impact of open-source on the travel industry and the travelers as significant. Amadeus has pioneered the use of open-source in its Amadeus e-Retail, Amadeus Dynamic Website Manager and Amadeus Extreme Search. It also enabled its Aria Templates, the framework for its Web solutions, to use open-source to allow third-party developers to use it without change. In the study done by Professor Norton, it outlined the ways open systems could free the travel industry from its reliance on proprietary software and provide its players with greater competitive advantage. The study also acts as a guide for companies and sectors that are considering the shift to open-source by providing an overview of the challenges and lists of items that must be done to mitigate risks, including the need to maintain common development teams across proprietary and open systems. Amadeus said the road from proprietary to open systems will be long and often challenging but represents nothing less than a revolution in the IT industry with major businesses needing to make at least some elements of this transition over the medium term. Amadeus added that there is a need to recognize open-source as a business and not just a technical change. Amadeus has been recognized by the European Commission as a company that invests heavily in technology. The 2011 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard ranked the company at the top in terms of research and development investments both in computer services category and in the travel and tourism industry. ]]>

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