PLDT formally rolls out cloud platform

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PLDT EVP and head of enterprise and international and carrier business Eric R. Alberto (Credit: PLDT Public Affairs)[/caption] Simply dubbed ?PLDT Cloud?, the new cloud branding was launched on Tuesday, Oct. 16, by top PLDT officials at the company?s headquarters in Makati City. The launch comes after PLDT beefed up its ICT portfolio with its own enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure, including acquiring the data centers of tech conglomerate IP Converge. PLDT EVP and head of enterprise and international and carrier business Eric R. Alberto said during the briefing that the cloud platform will complement and not eat up the company?s traditional revenue sources. ?PLDT Cloud is housed in our extensive network of PLDT VITRO Data Centers around the country which has enterprise grade reliability and scalability. Enterprise businesses using PLDT Cloud can scale to any desired level that the businesses would require,? Alberto said. ?And since we fully control and manage the cloud infrastructure, we have the ability to respond faster to customers. Once a customer is enrolled to PLDT Cloud, virtual machine creation can be done in a matter of minutes.? The PLDT Vitro Data Centers are currently located in Pasig City in Metro Manila, Subic in Olongapo, and Cebu City in the Visayas. PLDT added two more data centers recently with the acquisition of IP Converge Data Services Inc. by its ICT unit ePLDT. After offering an array of different cloud services since 2010, PLDT said it is now ready to offer solutions off its public cloud starting with Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), a virtualized computing solution that gives businesses the benefit of a full and highly scalable IT resource which they can directly provision, modify, and monitor. In a study released in 2011, the Philippines? local cloud market will reach an estimated P3.4 billion by 2014 and a major portion is expected to come from large enterprises with mature IT capabilities on key areas such as business analytics, finance and accounting, enterprise resource planning, and communications. Outsourcing of non-core IT functions such as email and test/development environments are also expected to boost the enterprises? adoption of the cloud. PLDT Cloud solutions are offered on a subscription model that lets enterprises get computing power on demand, paying only for actual usage while still enjoying full security and control of these computing resources. ]]>

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