Pinoy telco exec chosen as board member of MWCapital Barcelona

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[/caption] MWCapital represents the interests of over 800 mobile phone operators worldwide and over 2,000 companies in the mobile ecosystem. The advisory board will meet regularly to design the agenda and activities of MWCapital, a global initiative aimed at turning the city of Barcelona into the permanent international center of mobile technologies. ?It is a great honor to be chosen as member of the MWCapital Advisory Board and to be part of the transformation of Barcelona into the world?s leading mobile city. Once this is in place, it would be easier for companies from different nations to collaborate and create innovative mobile solutions that would benefit not only their own operations but the mobile ecosystem as a whole,? said Genio. The creation of the said body was approved last July by the Board of MWCapital to assist in the strategic design of MWCapital?s long term projects, spread its messages and goals internationally and create different groups of experts to advise the pillars and initiatives within MWCapital. Thus the advisory board members were chosen based on their very diverse and complementary backgrounds that will enable them to actively take part in MWCapital?s programs and activities, both industrial-focused and socially-oriented. Other members of the advisory board include top executives and founders of government, non-government organizations, network suppliers and operators, from organizations such as Brightstar (Miami, USA), Research in Motion (Waterloo, Canada), Institute for Enabled Broadband Society (Melbourne, Australia), Obami (Cape Town, South Africa), EMEA, Intel (Brussels, Belgium), Ministry of ICT (Bogota, Colombia), Telefonica (Madrid, Spain), Alcatel Lucent (Shanghai, China), Telecom New Zealand (Auckland, New Zealand), and Telmex/America Movil (Mexico City, Mexico). ]]>

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