Oracle bares new version for MySQL database

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[/caption] The MySQL 5.6 RC is available for immediate download and community testing here. With the Release Candidate, users can experience simplified query development and execution, better transactional throughput and application availability, flexible NoSQL access, improved replication and enhanced instrumentation. New features and benefits include:

? Better query execution times and diagnostics provided through an enhanced MySQL Optimizer that

? Better transactional throughput and application availability with an improved InnoDB storage engine

? Improved scale-out and high availability: with new features in MySQL replication including

? Enhanced Performance_Schema: New instrumentation enables users to better monitor most resource intensive queries, objects, users and applications. New summaries with aggregated statistics grouped by query, thread, user, host and object are also available. The enhancements allow for easier default configuration with less than five percent overhead.

The MySQL 5.6 RC includes additional enhancements and is a complete aggregation of the development milestones releases Oracle previously delivered to the MySQL community. ?The evolution of Web applications and cloud adoption has introduced new performance, scalability and reliability challenges for IT,? said Tomas Ulin, vice president of MySQL engineering at Oracle. ?New features in the MySQL 5.6 Release Candidate help address these challenges and deliver a wide array of innovations to the MySQL community.?]]>

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