Anti-virus firm rolls out new apps for Windows 8

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Available for download in November, the first app — Trend Micro SafeGuard — is a tablet-optimized Web browser with built-in security technology for use with Windows 8. The app allows a browsing experience that includes Safe Search Results ratings on major search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo, as well as social networking security on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+. In a recent survey conducted by Trend Micro with consumers in the US, Australia, and the UK, 55 percent of respondents said that they were likely to look for a browser that included security plug-ins like those included in SafeGuard. Trend Micro?s SafeGuard is free for download in the Windows Store and is also included in Titanium subscriptions. Trend Micro?s Go Everywhere app, on the other hand, is a solution that will help protect Windows 8 tablet PCs from loss or theft. Its functionalities include the ability to locate tablets with just one click. Whether the missing device was misplaced on a user?s travels or as nearby as the cushions of their couch, Trend Micro Go Everywhere allows them to locate their device using a worldwide Google map, or by quickly sounding a one minute alarm. Either way, Trend Micro has got users covered on their Windows 8 tablets and PCs. The beta version of the app is available for a limited time free in the Windows Store, and is also available to Titanium Maximum Security subscribers free of charge. Completing the trio is Trend Micro?s DirectPass, which will feature a new free app in the Windows Store, as well as a compatible version of DirectPass for Windows 8 desktops. Perfect for synced password protection and management across both environments, DirectPass helps make saving passwords online easy by encrypting saved passwords and helping provide an extra layer of security for banking and financial transactions. Among its key features, Trend Micro DirectPass provides in-the-cloud synchronization across multiple devices, making password management easy while in the office, at home, or on the road. Trend Micro has not only introduced new apps to complement users? digital experience on Windows 8, but has also made a number of improvements to its flagship security product, Titanium, in order to give users one of the best possible security experiences and freedom to explore with Windows 8 and Trend Micro Titanium. Trend Micro Titanium makes it easy to safely stay connected to family, friends, and colleagues with its social networking security. Titanium?s Privacy Scanner for Facebook is a new solution that lets users stay on top of their Facebook settings, allowing them control of who sees what on their online profiles. Also new to Titanium this year is expanded social networking protection ? now users can quickly and easily identify and manage dangerous links on Facebook and Twitter but also on other social networking sites like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, MySpace, Mixi, and Sina Weibo. Trend Micro Titanium?s protection promises not to slow users down. Using less disk space and memory than some other competitive products, Trend Micro Titanium was built with performance in mind and is a ?set it and forget it? solution that works seamlessly in the background, allowing users to effortlessly enjoy the protection of Trend Micro?s technology. Trend Micro Titanium makes it easy for users to share their memories and files with family and friends in the cloud through Trend Micro SafeSync, which is a standard add-on to Titanium Maximum Security. With a 5GB SafeSync account at their fingertips, Titanium Maximum Security users can sync and store photos, music, videos, and other important files and easily send them to friends on any operating system. Titanium makes it easy for parents to allow their children the freedom to explore the Internet while also staying safe with additional parental controls. With straightforward tools to filter online content and control application access, limit Internet time, and detailed reports about Internet usage, Titanium?s parental controls are a complement to Windows 8?s built-in parental controls. ?Trend Micro advocates protecting your digital life. We know that cyber criminals will stop at nothing to get your crown jewels, which are your personal data ? these are your pictures, your music, your files. Our goal is to make relevant apps and product improvements that protects all aspects of your digital life,? Myla Pilao, director of core technology marketing at Trend Micro. ]]>

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