Smart installs 10Gbps-enabled links to Sun cell sites

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?The establishment of this resiliency or ?fail-safe? infrastructure gives Sun Cellular subscribers more reliable broadband connections,? PLDT Smart technology group head Rolando Pe?a said in a statement. ?The increased interconnection will also dramatically lessen, if not eliminate service down times,? he said. Together with PLDT and Digital Philippines, Smart established 16 links ? each with a capacity of 10Gbps ? which connect strategic Smart and Sun Cellular cell sites on fiber optic cables. Unlike traditional copper wiring and microwave radios which transmit data through electric and radio signals, fiber optics uses pulses of light beamed through thin wires of glass. Smart and Sun?s interconnection is based on the Layer 2/Layer 3 Carrier Ethernet Network (CEN) platform which allows for lower cost per Mbps operating cost compared to legacy E1 and STM1 interconnection. The Smart-Sun Cellular interconnection project is also capable of carrying high bandwidth services such as 4G High Speed Packet Access Plus (HSPA+), 3G HSPA, and 2G voice and SMS. In late October, Smart has also completed linking its Metro Manila cell sites to parent company, PLDT?s fiber optic network. ]]>

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