Beware of Halloween ?tricks?, says security firm

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?As people start booking family trips, prepare for themed parties with interesting costumes and fun games, various online companies offer goodies, discounts and freebies. However, in a frenzy to get ready for this long awaited event, it?s not difficult to fall prey to an out of the world offer,? it said in a press alert. ?Remember it?s not just email that can lead users astray. Previously we?ve seen that the creators of rogue antivirus or misleading application software are getting in on the act as well. ?They attempt to ?poison? Web search engine results to take advantage of the spike in Web search activity that accompanies a popular event,? it added. Symantec cited two examples of these Halloween ?tricks?. ?For example, you might decide to shop around for a new car this Halloween or you might want to do some last minute online purchases for your child. ?Spammers, keeping these needs in mind have already prepared an array of options tempting enough to lure their prey.? ]]>

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