Big data is the new normal, says EMC

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[/caption] In a regional press gathering it organized in Singapore last month, US-based EMC said that rather than just being branded as a phenomenon or even as a menace, the new tech trend has proven to be beneficial to IT users. ?Big data is not big brother. [In fact], multiple sources of data are now being utilized to solve a problem like malaria,? said Michael Howard, vice president for marketing at Greenplum, the database division of EMC. Howard said Greenplum, whose database technology was acquired by EMC for its ability to aggregate structured and unstructured data, are more attuned to big data tasks compared to traditional software. ?What used to take 24 hours with an Oracle database, we can do in less than 10 minutes with Greenplum,? said Howard. ?Moreover, it has no index, so there?s lesser volume.? The tech exec said big data has also ushered in the need for scientific tools such as predictive analysis to foresee what may happen. Howard scoffed at BI (business intelligence) featured in traditional databases, which he said is just ?standard reporting? and deals merely of events that already happened. EMC organized the Singapore media event to also promote ?The Human Face of Big Data,? a multi-platform and globally crowd-sourced project, in which the tech firm is a major financial supporter. The crowd-sourced initiative is directed by Rick Smolan, the creator of the ?Day in the Life? series. The project is based on the premise that the real-time visualization of data collected by satellites, and by billions of sensors, RFID tags, and GPS-enabled cameras and smartphones around the world, is enabling people to measure and understand human existence in ways never possible in the past. The project includes a free mobile app, Mission Control briefing events, a student element called Data Detectives, a large-format book with photographs and essays, an iPad app, and a documentary. ]]>

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