PH-developed LED engine to be previewed in German fair

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[/caption] IMI will showcase at its booth at Hall B1 Stand 361 the LED engine developed by its subsidiary PSi Technologies Inc. Thomas Moersheim, PSi head of technology and sales groups, said, ?We designed our LED engine specifically for high lumens applications for the lighting requirements of the automotive and industrial sectors. But this may also serve the low-price incandescent replacement market requirements.? PSi?s LED engine uses copper as its sole base material for conducting heat and electrical energy. Moersheim explained, ?The advantage of using copper compared to ceramic is the former?s higher thermal conductivity and its ability to withstand higher thermo mechanical stresses.? ?Further, we have used a proprietary lead frame design and standard semiconductor assembly processes. All these double the current LED lifespan without increasing the cost,? he added. PSi had its US patent application published for its ?Scalable Heat Dissipating Microelectronic Integration Platform (SHDMIP) For Lighting Solutions and Method of Manufacturing Thereof?. As published on, ?The present invention provides a Scalable Heat Dissipating Microelectronic Integration Platform (SHDMIP) LED Package having excellent heat dissipation and protection to LED, thus extending the lifespan of the LED.? ?The SHDMIP LED package comprises a dual lead frame assembly comprising bottom and top lead frame, protection and driver circuits conductively attached to the bottom lead frame and a LED conductively attached to the top lead frame. The bottom lead frame comprises heat sink pad for heat dissipation purpose. Plurality of SHDMIP LED packages of the present invention can be configured in a matrix or row, forming a SHDMIP LED array for various lighting solutions.? ]]>

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