DataOne Asia grabs green award

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[/caption] DataOne Asia, an independent provider of managed technology services for enterprises, has proven that it is possible for tech firms to be concerned about the environment while improving their services and ROI by managing their energy and carbon efficiency. DataOne Asia is the first locally based data center awardee in the recently concluded 2012 Ecoswitch Awards. The firm was given the Ecoswitch Performance Award, which is handed to companies across industries that implement efficient processes to significantly save energy. DataOne Asia was also recognized for their success in implementing measures to lessen environmental impacts in operations, reduce business cost, and provide better workplace for employees ?When we built our Tier 3, enterprise-class data center from day one back in 2000, we have already put in place the best energy-conserving practices basically for our system efficiency and our clients? peace of mind knowing that the equipment we use have high performance delivery levels,? said Cyril Rocke, DataOne Asia president and CEO. DataOne Asia has been conserving energy by utilizing hot and cold aisle configuration and modifying air circulation to avoid hot and cold air from mixing. A number of precision air-conditioning units are strategically located throughout the facility to maintain proper temperature settings. The firm also implements correct and preventive service maintenance on their equipment and facilities, which runs 24/7. The energy of data centers are measured through a metric called Power Utilization Efficiency (PUE). Most data centers have an average PUE of 2.5. DataOne Asia has attained a high PUE of 1.6, which is an excellent grade for data centers in tropical countries like the Philippines. Aside from these measures, there is widespread energy conservation awareness among DataOne Asia employees who always make it a point to switch off lights that are not in use and properly dispose of used lead acid batteries. ?We are pleased to receive this recognition from such a respected body. This certainly bolsters our advocacy to contribute in our own way in fostering both a dynamic economy for the Philippines and sustainable energy consumption in our level,? Rocke said. The Ecoswitch Awards is part of the Green Philippines Islands of Sustainability (GPIoS) project, an initiative funded by the European Union’s Switch Asia Program. It contributes to an improved environmental and sustainable industrial development of Metro Manila and Calabarzon. The project aims to enable companies to generate profit while simultaneously increasing resource efficiency and minimizing the environmental impact.]]>

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