Gov?t job portal posts record-high 180,000 openings

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DOLE secretary Rosalinda Baldoz, citing the report of Bureau of Local Employment (BLE) director Ma. Criselda Sy, said majority of the jobs posted in the Phil-JobNet portal are for local employment, demonstrating the continuing uptick of opportunities in the local labor market. ?Of course, there are also available overseas employment opportunities posted in the job portal,? she said. Baldoz noted that in January, there were only 102,902 vacancies registered in the Phil-JobNet. On the supply side, the number of worker-applicants who had registered in October reached 171,617. The number of workers advertising their skills for hire in the job portal has also been increasing, Baldoz said, with 8,271 skills for hire posted in October. Skills for hire is a feature of the Phil-JobNet which is similar to the ?yellow pages? or bulletin board where skilled persons and own-account workers advertise their skills and services in the hope employers will consider and hire them. The data provided by the BLE, which hosts the online job facility, showed that in October, the ?hot? jobs for the month included jobs for call center agents, with 22,144 vacancies; technical support staff (7,144); production/factory workers (6,599); product specialists (6,423); service crew (6,048); cashiers (5,379); merchandisers (4,453); sales clerks (4,282); customer service assistants (3,697); sales executives (2,342); security guards (2,243); customs representatives (2,000); utility workers (1,804); marketing specialists (1,580); janitors (1,469); laborers (1,425); promo salespersons (1,307); promo staff (1,302); maintenance crew (1,212); masons (1,095); software instructors (1,070); office clerks (1,040); stock clerks (1,026); warehouse clerks (1,020); production technicians (1,000); collectors (964); and drivers, government (909). On the other hand, the top skills for hire registered during the month were service crew (3,558), cashiers (3,327), production machine operators (2,741), production/factory workers (2,718), sales clerks (2,657), salesladies (1,662), data encoders (1,316), welders (1,149), office clerks (1,064), staff nurses (840), merchandisers (717), baggers (610), call center agents (567), pipe fitters (510), secretaries (489), checkers (482), and customer service assistants (451). Baldoz credited the upsurge in the number of vacancies posted in the Phil-JobNet facility to the continuing campaign of the DOLE and its regional offices and the country?s Public Employment Service Offices encouraging employers to post their job vacancies in the online job portal. It can be recalled that Baldoz had directed all DOLE regional directors in January to intensify their advocacy for the use of the Phil-JobNet facility so that vacancies posted will not be less than 100,000 at any given month. That target had already been reached early this year. ?Posting job vacancies in the Phil-JobNet is free of charge. Applying for a job through the facility is likewise free. Employers posting in the facility are vetted by the DOLE, through the BLE, so applicants are assured that the vacancies posted are for real, not bogus, jobs,? said Baldoz. She also stated that the shelf life of a vacancy in the Phil-JobNet is 30 days, after which it is removed. ]]>

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