Trend Micro: Consumer market is exploding

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[/caption] Enterprises currently comprise 60 percent of Trend Micro?s client base while the rest comes from the consumer market, according to Akihiro Omikawa, executive vice president for global consumer business of Trend Micro. Omikawa was recently in the Philippines to grace the Asia Pacific consumer media summit held in the country. The anti-virus maker flew in journalists from Asean countries who were given a tour of the TrendLabs global research hub in Ortigas, Pasig City. Omikawa said the consumer space has become an important market for Trend Micro with threats now coming from various sources, particularly mobile malware spreading via Android devices. Myla Pilao, director of core technology marketing at Trend Micro, said that mobile threats have indeed developed into popular malware source, becoming the second top source of malware after spam messages. ?We’re now in Digital Life 3.0. Consumer market has changed a lot. We use devices leisurely at home and outside of it,? Pilao said during the regional press event. Trend Micro, which is headquartered in Japan, recently said it is evolving its consumer strategy in response to the rapidly changing digital lifestyles. Moving beyond its focus on antivirus software, the company said it expanding its global consumer business into four categories — devices, data, privacy, and family — to protect all aspect of the digital lifestyle. Based on the market opportunities, Trend Micro said it expects double?-digit growth in Asia Pacific next year. In Southeast Asia, the company is focusing on accelerating sales growth by leveraging on the proliferation of mobile phones and networks.]]>

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