BOC to install new integrated IT system

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According to BOC-Management Information System and Technology Group (MISTG) officer-in-charge for systems management Jaime Taborda, aside from practically overhauling the agency?s e2m (electronic to mobile) system, the IPCS — once fully operational ? will feature additional functionalities to facilitate faster transaction and tighter controls in the BOC. Taborda did not say the cost of the IT project. He explained that the MISTG is currently doing the Terms of Reference (TOR) for the IPCS, even as preparations for the bidding of the ICPS are also currently being done through the procurement service office of the government. For his part, Port of Batangas deputy collector for assessment Celso Tugday said the completion of the ICPS would help the BOC?s frontline officials in revenue collection and shipment monitoring as it would allow them to check all cargo movements at real time. ?Providing us with advance information of cargoes will enable us to enforce more efficiently our revenue collection and anti-smuggling initiatives,? Tugday said. ?It will allow us to prepare the necessary steps to address the requirements of all incoming and out-going shipments.? According to Tugday, the Port of Batangas posted 35-percent increase in revenue collection compared to the same period last year. The Port of Batangas, he said, has become choice port of the country?s major auto dealers because of its high-tech facilities. ?Around 400 to 700 Completely-Built-Unit (CBU) vehicles are unloaded at the Port of Batangas every two weeks for the local market,? Tugday said. According to Tudlay, next to oil, the Port of Batangas gets most of its revenues from duties on car importations. ?The Port of Batangas now generates about P1.53 billion in revenues for the government each week.? ]]>

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