Level Up, E-Games hold first combined gaming event

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[/caption] The opening ceremonies kicked off with a message from Level Up founder and chief operating officer Ben Colayco, who noted the staying power of the company. ?Ten years for an Internet company is a feat. The fact that we are still around and growing is proof that we?re on the right track,? Colayco said. Jake San Diego, general manager of Play Web Games, said the unity theme rang loud among the gamer communities which used to be strong rivals. ?We worked hard to come up with an event that is all-inclusive and brings gamers together. The group has grown larger and now we see how the combined strength of the clans and guilds boost the local gaming industry and keeps it going strong.? On the match floor, teams battled it out for nine national championship titles, including Cabal Champions of Nevareth, Grand Chase Digmaan, KOS ProTour, Point Black National Bakbakan Tournament, Perfect World Phoenix Council Wars, RF Online Novus Elite Squad Tournament, RAN Online RANbulan, Rohan Blood Wars and Ragnarok Online. ?It?s every gamer?s dream to win a tournament, especially a national championship title,? San Diego explained. ?That?s why they invest so much time and skill to play a good game. LU! Live makes that dream possible for them every year.? For those who did not compete, the event offered fun side events like the Cosplay competition, Guild Rally and the Miss LU! Live pageant. Local rapper Gloc-9 and rock group Kamikazee opened and closed the tw-day event, while Artista Academy finalists Akihiro Blanco and Chanel Morales were also present to entertain the crowd. Guild communities also manned fair booths that offered merchandise and treats for gamers. [caption id="attachment_6458" align="aligncenter" width="447" caption="The Philippine Team, 3rd place winner at the World Ragnarok Championships 2012"][/caption] Level Up! Live began in 2004 and has since become the biggest online gaming event in the Philippines. Every year, more than 20,000 gamers attend the confab to bond with their friends and guildmates. Level Up! Live champions have also gone on to compete in international tournaments like the Grand Chase World Championships and the Ragnarok World Championships, proving to the world that Filipino online gamers have got what it takes to go global. ]]>

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