DepEd urged to include social media topics in basic curriculum

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[/caption] On Nov. 20, Palatino filed House Resolution No. 2901, which urges DepEd to include topics on the use of social media in subjects taught in elementary and high school. ?More and more cyberbullying incidents are being reported in recent days. There are those who believe that Congress should be legislating laws to penalize such acts. However, we believe that teaching social media topics during the formative years of students could be a far better solution,? Palatino said. ?Many of us will remember that in our earliest years in school, we are taught good moral and right conduct. In the age of Facebook and Twitter, it is but apt to include topics on responsible use of social media in the basic ed curriculum,? Palatino continued. According to a study done by Yahoo-Nielsen, around 50 percent of the youth between the ages 10 to 19 access the Internet and use social networking sites on a frequent basis. Various estimates, meanwhile, put the number of Internet users in the country to as many as 30 million. ?The use of social networking sites is speedily becoming the norm. Thus, it is important that we teach out youngsters how to use this communication platform responsibly so as to avoid cyberbullying incidents and other nefarious acts committed online,? Palatino said. ?Teaching computer literacy should be beyond imparting knowledge on the hardware and the input of data. It must also include the teaching of good online practices including responsible use of social media and proper conduct online,? Palatino explained. ?Instead of criminalizing cyberbullying, we should more towards teaching responsible use. In this light, we urge DepEd to include social media topics in our country?s basic education curriculum,? the youth solon added. ]]>

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