Globe to NTC: We have right to set SMS price

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claim of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) that the telco overcharged subscribers for its text messaging services. Almost echoing the same stance taken by its rival Smart Communications, the Ayala-owned operator stressed that setting the price of SMS or text messaging is beyond the jurisdiction of the NTC. ?Since the very beginning of the case, we have clearly stated that SMS is a deregulated service and telcos have the right to set the retail price of this service,? the company said in a statement. Globe said this policy has worked for the benefit of the consumer because the prices have gone down ?drastically? with the advent of customization, bucket and combo promos, and unlimited services. The carrier also pointed out that there was no provision in the NTC circular which imposed a ceiling price of P0.80 per SMS sent. ?There are other various legal grounds by which we base our opposition. In this regard, Globe shall avail of all legal remedies to preserve its right to determine the pricing of its services,? it said. ]]>

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