ICT survey: Internet use getting pervasive in gov’t, local firms

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A nationwide ICT survey conducted by the National Statistics Office (NSO) has revealed that government agencies and local businesses are now using the Internet for a myriad of tasks, indicating a significant shift by both sectors to digital technology.

The 2010 Survey on Information and Communication Technology (SITC), which covered a total of 8,557 establishments in the entire country, showed that the proportion of firms using computers has been increasing from 2008 to 2010, reaching 97 percent in 2010.

The survey results further revealed that the proportion of establishments with Internet connection in the country is increasing, reaching over 90 percent in 2010.

Most of the businesses in the country are also now using the Internet to obtain information from government agencies, according to the results of the survey.

Dr. Janith C. Aves of the NSO Northern Mindanao disclosed during the regional data dissemination that 78 percent of the establishments selected for the survey reported that they use Internet to acquire information from government agencies while 74.5 percent use it to download or request government forms.

She said the other transactions done by establishments through Internet were sharing information within the company at 55.9 percent, obtaining information from other organizations at 55.6 percent, and complete or send forms online at 50.4 percent.

The survey also revealed that almost half of the establishments utilizes the Internet in sharing information from other organization at 44.4 percent, and in the recruitment of staff at 41.9 percent.

Staff training was the least among the transactions done through Internet at 20.3 percent followed by on-line payments to government at 32.1 percent, and finance/accounting/auditing at 33.2 percent.

Marilou B. Igdon, provincial statistician officer of Misamis Oriental, said the 2010 SICT was conducted to collect and generate information on the availability, distribution, and access/utilization of ICT among establishments in the country.

Aves said business establishments have also begun to see the necessity of maintaining their own company website for their business operation.

At the national average, she noted that nearly 44 percent of IT establishments have developed a website as a medium of making their own products and services more competitive and visible in the Web.

Nearly one third of establishments or 30.7 percent also utilized e-commerce in doing business. This excludes those establishments doing business transactions via cellular mobile phones, she added. — Apipa P. Bagumbaran, PIA

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