Gov?t defers Bus Rapid Transit system project in Cebu

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[/caption] ?Medyo may kulang. There is a need for segregated roads to minimize the stop and go pero meron ba talagang lugar sa Cebu na mas segregated tayo,? Aquino said. The BRT plan needs to include segregated roads as dedicated bus lines will replace several jeepney routes, Aquino said. He, however, said that the adoption of a mass transport system is the direction of the government in Cebu. BRT advocate Cebu City South District Congressman Tomas Osmena said he is amenable for the deferment for as long as it is not scrapped. The project is supposed to start next year. [caption id="attachment_6822" align="aligncenter" width="448" caption="A BRT system in Quito, Ecuador. Credit:"][/caption] Osmena started the advocacy on the adoption of the BRT in Cebu instead of the Light Rail Transit when he was still mayor of Cebu City. He based his decision on the success story of Bogota, Colombia where carbon footprints were reduced by cutting back largely on the usage of cars. In a BRT system, a high number of buses drive along their own lanes which stretch across the city. The ticketing is likely to use pre-paid smart cards like those used in Singapore and Hong Kong. Jeepneys will not be totally scrapped, however, since they will ply the secondary route. Some of the drivers will also be accommodated as staff in the BRT system. — Rachelle M. Nessia, PIA ]]>

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