Report: Most countries have one dominant social network

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[/caption] This is according to the ?State of the Mobile Web? report drafted by Opera Mini which tracked data from its servers to build a picture of social media usage in more than 190 countries. The study showed that most countries have one extremely dominant social network, but the statistics also showed some interesting findings in certain countries where the social-network diversity is somewhat more significant. One such country is the innovative and high-tech Estonia, where the diversity of social networks is remarkable compared to most other countries. Estonia has a high representation of both Facebook and Twitter, as well as more regional networks such as Odnoklassniki and VKontakte. Other countries such as Israel and Latvia also show a more diversified distribution of visits to different social networks. It’s no surprise that Facebook tops the list of most popular social networks globally, with 50.6 percent of Opera Mini’s 194 million users visiting Facebook at least once during the month of October. However, there are significant differences in the usage of different social networks globally. In each country surveyed, one network usually is on top with a large majority of users. Other social networks usually get minor parts of the user base. The top-ranking Facebook territory, in terms of the percentage of Opera Mini users who visit per month, is surprisingly Macau, where more than 90 percent of all Opera Mini users visit Facebook at least once per month. [caption id="attachment_7246" align="aligncenter" width="404" caption="Credit: Opera Mini"][/caption] In the Twitter top list of visitors, Paraguay takes the lead ahead of Japan. In terms of total user numbers, and not only percentage of users, Asian countries are on top of the list for Facebook (Indonesia, India, Nigeria, Mexico, Vietnam, South Africa, Brazil, Bangladesh, Russia, Turkey). The top country list for Twitter is remarkably similar: Indonesia on top, followed by India, Nigeria, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, Kenya and the Philippines. Facebook and Twitter, are the only social networks with true global representation. For Odnoklassniki, Russia and other CIS countries make up the top lists, both percentage-wise and in raw usage numbers. For Odnoklassniki, the top-ten countries, based on unique users, are: Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Azerbaijan. The popularity of Odnoklassniki and vKontakte is inversely proportional to Facebook and Twitter, making these countries a challenge for social networks originated in the USA. The same goes for China, where the usage of social networks does not follow the same patterns as other countries. Inside China, the Chinese social networks are dominant, but outside they are practically non-existent in the Opera Mini domain lists. ]]>

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