PH software group all set for global push

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By 2016, the PSIA said it aims to achieve global recognition for at least 10 Filipino software products and generate approximately $1 million in annual export revenues. ?The Philippine software industry will continue to succeed based on two factors: delivering deep technical and professional expertise in specific niches where we can be the best global providers, and creating software intellectual property that will allow Philippine-based companies to achieve ?top of the food chain? status within the global software ecosystem,? said Joey Gurango, president of Gurango Software Corporation. The group saw an increase in active membership last year, with at least 50 new companies joining in. ?Next year, we will continue our educational and capability development programs from 2012, such as quarterly workshops on various business-building topics specific to software products,? said Gurango. Since the group?s founding in August 2011, there has been a ?nascent software products movement in the Philippines,? according to Gurango. ?Still, a lot needs to be done in terms of evangelism, capability development, and coaching ? areas which the PD/SIG hopes to contribute its energies into,? he said. The PSIA said the PD/SIG supports its members through the development of business plans and product pitching to foreign venture capital. Last December, the group selected its first batch of companies during a three-day event called LaunchPad. A second batch of candidates will be selected by the end of 2013. PSIA also collaborates with the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for product development and intellectual property (IP) development efforts. ?We will be showcasing the first batch of software products that PD/SIG will assist in becoming globally successful. These efforts aim to encourage more software product ?technopreneurship? in the Philippines and, consequently, more attract more members into PD/SIG,? said Gurango. ]]>

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