PLDT props up residential offerings with ?Home? brand

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In the Gallup survey, it was found that 32 percent of adults in 148 countries reported having home Internet access in 2011. This is up from 29 percent in 2010 and 25 percent in 2009. Access in Sweden and Singapore is highest worldwide, both countries are tied with 93 percent of residents reporting home Internet access, followed by Denmark and The Netherlands, where more than nine in 10 do. The survey noted, however, that mobiles phones are helping to fill the void in many countries and will be increasingly likely to do so as access to smartphones and tablet devices powered by mobile phone networks continues to increase worldwide. It stressed, though, that home Internet access has implications for the education of a nation’s youth, the productivity of its workers, and the civic engagement of its citizens. Home Internet access, said Gallup, provides students with access to critical materials for education, workers with ways to stay connected and productive during hours away from their place of business, and all citizens with news and resources they can use to learn and connect with others. This crucial market is what PLDT is eyeing as it rolls out its integrated home connectivity solutions under the new ?Home? platform, which includes services such as Telpad landlines and broadband ? both DSL and fiber-optic ? solutions. Top company executives, led by PLDT Home Business head Ariel Fermin, explained during a press launch in Makati City that there?s still tremendous room for growth in the home segment. PLDT?s home division now contributes just one-fifth to the overall company revenues ? a far cry from the old days when homes were a source of a large chunk of profits. The biggest contributor right now, according to PLDT officials, is its wireless division. But with the real estate boom, particularly in condominiums, PLDT executives said the company?s home offerings are also growing with the expansion of this sector. The company is specially bullish on Fibr, its fiber-optic offerings, which it said has been rolled out in 100 villages in Metro Manila. ]]>

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