NTC to probe interconnection issues between Globe, Sun

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“We are open to the NTC conducting such a probe in order to determine the real cause of failed connections between telco companies. We hope the NTC?s involvement in this issue will improve network interconnection as this is ultimately in the best interest of all mobile phone users,? said Globe head of corporate communications Yoly Crisanto. Globe expressed concern that current media statements coming from its rival networks Smart and Sun on interconnection woes may mislead the public. ?Let us not muddle the issue and mislead the public. At the end of the day, our subscribers want seamless interconnection. Globe has made a significant investment for its network modernization program to give its customers a world-class network. They would like a world class experience as well,? added Crisanto. Recently, the NTC said that it would look into reports of mobile phone users experiencing delays in receiving text messages, specifically between Sun Cellular and Globe networks. In a related development, Globe filed a letter to the NTC last week requesting for the regulator?s urgent intervention and compel PLDT to fulfill its local interconnection commitments with Globe/Innove, especially in the provinces. Local interconnection with PLDT has been pending for years now despite orders from the NTC and public inconvenience. To date, only 11 out of the 32 candidate areas for local interconnection have been accommodated by PLDT for activation. Globe said that ?such inaction and neglect of NTC rules by PLDT betray their apparent lack of serious regard for the mandatory character of interconnection? to the detriment of public service. The NTC was reacting to news last week of interconnection problems experienced by subscribers. Sun Cellular?s Twitter account had messages from subscribers complaining about the difficulty in texting to other networks. Smart Communications on the other hand, released an advisory also through its own Twitter account, advising its postpaid and prepaid subscribers of a temporary disruption in sending of SMS to off-network numbers. ]]>

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