40% of 'Net users prefer social log-ins over new account

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Siva Belasamy, regional sales director for Oracle Asean, said in a recent media briefing that Internet users frequently utilize these social networks to login: Facebook 60 percent, Yahoo 12 percent, Twitter 11 percent, Google 10 percent, and LinkedIn 7 percent. Belasamy said this practice could open up a slew of security threats, especially in the workplace. He pointed out that multiple apps with security holes often lead to increased risk of breaches. Apart from this, the tech exec said companies are also continuously being bombarded by other challenges such as identity theft, data security and integrity, quality of service, and regulatory compliance. As a result, he said the IT budget of companies has increased from 8.2 percent in 2007 to 14 percent in 2010. In addressing these security concerns, Belasamy local firms should address these challenges with an ?inside-out? approach. He said Oracle?s solution platform allows an integrated application and information security, as well as comprehensive identity and policy management. ]]>

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