Online game MapleSEA intros new warrior class

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Many would not be unfamiliar with him as he is a Knight Commander for Empress Cygnus, and players can now have first hand experience of how he rose to that key position. Mihile was once an overworked stock boy for Mr. Limbert’s General Store known as “kiddo”. Little did he knew that Empress Cygnus saw something more in him, and together with her trusted aide, Nineheart, tested him and witnessed the power he has within. The nameless little “kiddo” then found out from Empress Cygnus that his father was a warrior of great power, a warrior for good and light, and was thus named Mihile, in honor of his fallen father, Chromile. Mihile returned to Ereve with Empress Cygnus and Nineheart and his true calling as the Knight of Light began. Players can now live the life of Mihile and experience his journey to become a Knight Commander of Light, following in the footsteps of his father. Mihile is a melee warrior well-versed in one-handed swords and uses a special growth light shield called the Soul Shield. It also has high mobility which is essential during battles against enemies. ]]>

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