Book publisher bats for tech integration in PH schools

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[/caption] ?Our digital products are designed to improve the manner of learning and instruction in Philippine classrooms,? Diwa Learning Systems executive director Brian Belen. In a classroom demonstration at First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities, a private school in Tanauan, Batangas, a second-year Mathematics high school teacher used the interactive features of Genyo using YoPad for each students. Genyo and YoPad, a 7-inch Android tablet that contained e-textbooks and digital magazines and interconnected via the classroom management software, are products of Diwa Learning Systems. ?Imagine a classroom where lessons are fun and interactive, and exams are taken online and the teacher in real time knows the results. Imagine that students bring their own devices to their class, and the teacher can manage what they do on their screens. Imagine that teachers and students have access to technology that allows them to collaborate with each other in class at their own pace. This is not the stuff of science fiction. This is possible right now for Philippine schools,? Belen said. [caption id="attachment_8609" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Automated ICT skills test gauges students? proficiency with basic computing skills"][/caption] In the classroom demonstration, the teacher conducted a review of previous lessons using an interactive tutorial features of Genyo, while the students viewed the lessons? content on their YoPads. The teacher proceeded to hold a quiz in the form of a game which was created using Genyo. The YoPad was used eliminating the use of papers and pens during exams. The students were instructed to log on to their Genyo accounts via the Internet, where they were prompted of a new quiz to accomplish in a given time limit set by the teacher. Quiz results were provided by Genyo in real time, helping the teacher to processed quiz results immediately. ?At this point, the LCD projector became obsolete, as the teacher used the tablets to present the lesson. Using software that managed the students? experience on their YoPads, the teacher gained control of what the students did on their tablets. In the demo class, the teacher was able to view exactly what the students were doing on their tablets at a particular point in time. This solved the problem of students doing anything else with their tablets during class, as the teacher was aware if all her students are logged in,? Belen said. [caption id="attachment_8610" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Brian Belen (left), Diwa Learning Systems executive director and Ma. Rosario B. Cesario, First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities vice president for student life and service, answer questions in a recent press briefing in the school?s campus in Tanuan, Batangas"][/caption] Using Genyo installed in the YoPads, the teacher allowed one student to give her answers on her tablet, which also appeared on all of the YoPads in class. Instead of raising their hands, students were able to prompt the teacher if they have questions using a feature of the software. To get their full attention, the teacher can lock the students? YoPads, which turns black with the text ?Please pay attention.? ?This beats teachers shouting at the class to get their attention,? Belen said. A demonstration on third year high school level showed taking an automated ICT skills test can gauge students? proficiency with word processing, spreadsheets, and slideshow presentations. ]]>

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