Globe sends out disruption notice for IT upgrade on Mar. 2-5

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?As with most upgrades of this scale, we are spending significant effort to minimize any impact on you, so any impact will be small and temporary,? the carrier said in its letters to subscibers. Globe said that customers will still be able to call, text, and browse during the upgrading period. However, there will be times when they may encounter some issues like the following:

? For Globe Postpaid and Tattoo Postpaid (mobile broadband), they will be unable to register to promos, except for all roaming promos for Globe Postpaid which will continue to be available even during the transition period. Text advisories will be sent out to inform users as to when they can sign up again for promos. As for the migration to a new billing system, the first bill after migration will be delayed by three weeks, thus payment due dates will be adjusted accordingly. There will also be some changes in the bill, depending on the cut-off date and the time transition to the new system is completed.

? For Globe Prepaid, TM, Tattoo Prepaid (mobile broadband), Tattoo@Home (broadband and landline), there will be minimal impact, as users will continue to enjoy the same service levels.

Henry Aguda, chief information officer of Globe, said that transitioning Globe customers to the new system will be done in phases. ?During the transition period, the availability of our mobile services is paramount. Our customers will be able to call, text, or do mobile browsing, and any impact will be minimal. We will handhold our subscribers as we transition to the new system. We are taking great care that our customers are properly informed of the changes so they will not experience any unnecessary inconvenience as we move to the new system.? UPDATE: Globe issued a clarification on Monday, Feb. 25, that there will be “no service disruption” during the IT upgrade. Click here for the story.]]>

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