Online registrants in SSS website surpass 2-M mark

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SSS chief executive Emilio de Quiros Jr. attributed the surge in Web enrollees to website enhancements that enabled registered members and employers to file online applications and submit electronic reports at Registered Web users reached 2,023,941 as of end-2012, which was 47-percent higher than the 1,378,445 registrants at end-2011. Over 1.7 million company employees comprise majority of SSS Web enrollees as of end-2012, or 84 percent of the total number. “More than half a million SSS transactions have already been coursed through the SSS website since June 2011 to December 2012. Of these, about 322,000 transactions involved the online filing of employment reports, while nearly 98,500 were applications for salary loans,” de Quiros noted. In June 2011, the SSS enhanced its website to enable Web users to make online transactions such as filing of salary loan applications and maternity notifications, as well as submission of employment reports and collection lists on contributions and loan payments. “We are also happy to report that 24,225 employers opened SSS Web accounts in 2012 alone. This is greater than the 20,303 total number of employers that registered since 2008, the year we launched the SSS website, up to 2011,” de Quiros said. The SSS website offers registered members and employers exclusive access to their SSS records so they can check anytime their posted contributions, loan payments, and other SSS information via the Internet. Registration is free. “The SSS website is among our 24/7 service facilities that allow members to check their SSS records and transact with us even without going to an SSS branch. Those who still don?t have an SSS Web account are missing out on the ease and convenience that our website offers,” he added. ]]>

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