Booking site for local ?hosts? eyes last-minute travelers

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[/caption] Top executives of travelmob recently held a press briefing in the country to promote a new feature called ?Last Minute Deals? that allows local property owners to offer their places to hurried travelers. According to its internal data, 50-60 percent of travelmob bookings occur in the same month of travel and the average lead time between a booking and actual check-in is less than a week. The new feature is an added functionality to the site?s existing Discount Tool, which currently allows hosts to run their own promotions and offer special discounts to guests on travelmob. The booking site was founded by former Yahoo executives Prashant Kirtane and Turochas Fuad, who are the company?s CTO and CEO, respectively. Fuad said during the briefing in Makati City that the Philippines ranks third in terms of top destinations on travelmob in Southeast Asia, after Hong Kong and Singapore ?Consumer peer-topeer rental market has the potential to grow into a $2-billion sector,? said Fuad, who said their site is focused on the Asia Pacific market as of this time. [caption id="attachment_9010" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Travelmob CTO Prashant Kirtane"][/caption] The company said local hosts can choose to either create ?special discounts? anytime during the year or offer a last minute deal on travelmob. For last minute deals, the property has to be available for booking within the next seven days and the host has to offer a minimum discount of 15 percent. Last minute deals will be highlighted at the top of travelmob?s search results page whenever a guest searches for a property in a specific destination. ?With the introduction of new features such as Last Minute Deals, we hope to better serve our Pinoy community as well as global tourists visiting the Philippines,? said Fuad.]]>

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