Level Up intros newest FPS game Assault Fire

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Assault Fire is a First-Person Shooter (FPS) game from Chinese developer Tencent Games, which boasts of next-gen 3D graphics, new and intense game modes like Mech and Mutant Matches, and a skill system that lets gamers build their soldier character the way they want to. Players can wage war as either the government-sanctioned unit GSDU or the renegade group Resistance, battling mutants, monsters and each other with high-tech weaponry and giant Mechs. ?We?re very excited to introduce Assault Fire to the local gaming community,? says Playweb Games general manager Jake San Diego. ?With its multitude of game modes, Assault Fire is the game for every type of FPS player. Players are bound to spend countless hours piloting mechs, destroying mutants, or surviving cyborg zombies. It?s high time that Pinoy FPS gamers got to taste the future of firepower, today.? In addition, FPS gamers and enthusiasts will also get to test their mettle in Assault Fire?s national e-sports tournament series, where they can get to win cash prizes, bragging rights, and the chance to represent the country in a special exhibition match at the prestigious World Cyber Games (WCG) in China. ?We’re really pulling out all the stops with Assault Fire in terms of competition. We’re giving out more than half a million in cash prizes when we do our nationwide quarterly pro-tournaments starting with our annual e-sports event, Level Up! Live, on July 6; and culminating with a three-way battle where the Philippine Champions will compete against China and Brazil’s best Assault Fire team,? said Keith Morales, Assault Fire business unit director at Playweb Games. Assault Fire began its Closed Beta Testing (CBT) phase this April 25. There will be no character wipe once Assault Fire transitions to Open Beta. ]]>

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