Intel bent on maintaining grip in enterprise space

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[/caption] In a recent press briefing in Makati City, the semicon giant laid down its strategy for the business segment where it has held hegemony over the last few decades. Tucker Hammerstrom, Intel?s executive for advanced technical sales, showcased the company?s enterprise solutions such as WiDi (Wireless Display), a wireless display standard based on the existing Wi-Fi standard, and vPro technology. Intel acknowledged the BYOD (bring your own demand) trend in Asia where employees are bringing their own devices into the workplace. However, it stressed that the trend is not just about devices. ?It is also about an increasing number of tech savvy workers entering the workforce, a wide range of innovative devices in the market and new cloud computing services anywhere anytime. These trends are challenging IT departments across the region,? it said. The company said Intel?s architecture can deliver the performance, security, and manageability desired and is prevalent across a range of computing environments. ?When using Intel processor-based platforms running the Windows 8 operating system, the solution will be compatible with traditional applications, peripherals, and drivers that exist across most enterprise environments today,? it said. Intel also highlighted its McAfee DeepSAFE technology, which operates beyond the operating system to provide real-time kernel monitoring to detect and block advanced, hidden threats, such as stealth rootkits and APTs. ?McAfee DeepSAFE technology changes the way businesses think about security by providing security beyond the operating system and intelligence-in-depth where security is integral to hardware, network, systems, applications, and databases,? it said. The semicon giant also touted its range of Intel processor-based tablets running on Windows 8. The new tablets, it said, offer a variety of built-in security, manageability, and battery life capabilities, along with a range of choices from Intel Atom to 3rd generation Intel Core vPro processors. It also underlined its desktops for business all-in-one PCs for office workers that still rely on desktop PCs. Innovation on the desktop is moving at a rapid speed, it said. ?The new all-in-one systems are growing in popularity, in large part due to their simplicity and clutter-free designs, ideal for office environments with limited space. The latest models are based on the 3rd generation Intel Core vPro processor with embedded security, designed to protect data, access, and user identity while keeping out threats,? it said.]]>

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