PNoy formally signs K to 12 into law

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The law, which introduces two additional years in secondary education and makes Kindergarten mandatory among five-year olds, is expected to give graduates better choices in the field of work or further education. ?With K-12 we are making sure that adequate and useful skills are being imparted to our students,? Aquino said. The additional two years after fourth year high school are intended to further hone the skills and talents of students for their chosen career path in arts and sports, technical vocational, entrepreneurship or tertiary education. The Department of Education (DepEd) is currently preparing for the full implementation of K to 12 in 2016. In school year 2012-2013, the curriculum for Grades 1 and 7 was rolled out. By June of this year (school year 2013-2014), the curriculum for Grades 2 and 8 will be introduced. Sen. Ralph G. Recto said the signing into law of the measure would align the country with the global standards in education and likewise open more doors to children denied of their chance to step inside a classroom. Recto said a longer learning period would keep the country at par with other countries and effectively improve the country’s quality of education. “Our graduates would no longer be discriminated by their length of campus stay and would be measured by their talent, proficiency and world-class skills,” Recto, principal author of the Senate version of the bill, said.]]>

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