PH software industry earns $1.16B in 2012

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The number of full-time employees (FTE) also rose by 14 percent, totaling to some 57,000 in 2012. Estimated revenue of FTE per annum approximates to $20,500, a 2.2-percent positive increase from 2011. PSIA president Nora K. Terrado said the software and IT outsourcing sector is right on its targeted growth trajectory, with the industry closer to reaching $1.5 billion in export revenues by 2014. Terrado added that while the country?s lively economy is an effective catalyst for growth, there are still many things to take care of in order to further expand it. Terrado reiterated the importance of the Filipino workforce in sustaining the growth of the sector and stressed the development of the Filipino talent as the top priority of the PSIA. ?Moreover, it is also important to develop and grow our key markets. Our approach includes greater focus on in target markets where the chances of building demand and winning the deals for PSIA members are high,? she said. To promote the global competitiveness of Filipino software and IT companies this year, the PSIA recently led an IT delegation to the Software Development Expo in Tokyo last May 8-10. It is set to embark on another mission for the CeBIT conference in Sydney, Australia on May 28-29. ]]>

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