PH software house rolls out online Android course

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?This is the first of what we hope would be several online courses that would make top-notch training programs in software development accessible to everyone?, said Calen Legaspi, CEO of O&B. The online training course was launched under O&B University, the company?s flagship software training service. The pilot class, titled ?Android for Beginners?, is meant to provide neophytes with a practical foundation to build Android mobile applications. The step-by-step instructional class will take students through the basic concepts and best practices of Android development. According to Legaspi, their intended audience are teachers who would like to provide their students with new material, students that would like to arm themselves with marketable skills, and IT companies that would like an affordable and convenient way to train their staff. ?This pilot course is a way to elicit feedback. Please try it out and let us know how we can improve it, and let us know what other courses you would like us to put online,” he added. The course is being taught by Butch Landingin, the company?s chief technology officer. Landingin has over 20 years of experience in the industry and is one of the known software trainers in the Philippines. Legaspi said the level of instruction is O&B?s advantage over other training providers. O&B can also provide customized programs specific to certain companies or schools, he said. ?We have a seasoned software architect who developed the course. The class is also interactive and exercise-driven. We want the students to master both the theoretical knowledge and the practical hands-on skills to build mobile applications,? Legaspi said. The class is available online at The free trial comes with the overview modules. The full course can be accessed, complete with machine exercises, for a fee of $4.99 (P205.00). ]]>

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