Davao City gov?t turns to Web to get complaints vs CebuPac

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?Passengers who were aboard Cebu Pacific Flight 5J971 last June 2, 2013 who wish to seek assistance regarding their complaint against airport authorities are advised to text or call 0908-3819130 or visit www.davaocity.gov.ph or www.facebook.com/davaocitygov or go to the Help Desk at the City Mayor?s Office,? the Davao City government announced on its website. Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio said the city government is mulling charges against Cebu Pacific and local officers of the Civil-Aviation Authority of the Philippines because of their improper response in handling the accident. Free legal assistance will be provided to passengers who plan to sue the airline and airport management, Duterte-Carpio said. The website will link the complainants to two lawyers who will handle the case. The website also asked passengers to provide their names, mailing addresses, and contact numbers, and write down their complaints regarding the incident of the night of June 2, 2013 at the airport. Passengers were also advised to keep their original boarding passes and tickets. Duterte-Carpio said separate administrative charges will also be filed against the Davao International Airport employees. ?There was no emergency plan,? she said. The DIA management allegedly drove away the emergency medical response team during the first hours of the incident. Duterte-Carpio said the emergency workers were only allowed entry several hours after the lone doctor there could no longer handle the 20 patients who complained of abdominal pains, headache, and hypertension. She also ordered Frederick San Felix, manager of the Davao International Airport, to submit until 5 p.m. Wednesday the name of the DIA officer who handled the incident, special operations procedure during emergency situations, and schedule of emergency response drills. Jessie Delgado, dean of the College of Entrepreneurship at Ateneo de Davao University (ADDU), said 15 to 20 minutes before landing, the plane flew and turned to the Samal Island area where it encountered heavy downpour, lightning, and zero visibility. He said that when the plane entered the city, the lights on the buildings and houses were already visible. Speaking at a press briefing at the ADDU, Delgado said, ?The first touchdown was really hard and then we noticed that it was already unusual since we already swerved to the grass (area). After five to seven seconds the plane then made a sudden stop.? Delgado said the emergency procedure were not clear since they were told to wait for 27 minutes before being given the go-signal to disembark from the plane. He said all the passengers wanted to deplane but the flight attendants told them to stay as the crew were awaiting instructions from the pilot. Delgado also recalled there was no prior advice from the pilot that the plane would take an emergency landing. Jeremy Eliab, secretary to the president of the ADDU, said the administration is firm in rescinding its contract with Cebu Pacific following the ordeal experienced by the passengers. He said the Cebu Pacific used to be the official carrier of the university since it had a contract worth P200,000-300,000 monthly in sending off personnel to seminars in various parts of the country. Fr. Joel Tabora SJ, president of the ADDU, said Cebu Pacific failed to give humane assistance to the passengers after the incident. ?I am incensed not because there was a mechanical failure, but because of Cebu Pacific?s manifest human failure,? he said. — PIA XI, Joey Sem Dalumpines ]]>

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