?Security as an assurance to use technology?

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Among those who provided insights to the attendees was Hugh Thompson, senior vice president and chief security officer of Blue Coat Systems, who used numerous illustrations in his presentation to drive home the point that IT security should provide the peace of mind that enterprises need so they can concentrate on their core business. Thompson, a former computer science professor at Columbia University in New York, said security should not just be about prevention or detection of a threat. ?Security must be about what you make possible. It should empower the employees so they can drive better outcomes,? he said. ?The IT security staff shouldn?t be the Ministry of No, but someone who enables the workers to sustain their innovative spirit.? Thompson said creating a mindset of security as an enabler is important since, according to a survey, technology is tightly linked as a business growth driver, especially in Asia. Also at the event, the International Police (Interpol) revealed its approach to facilitating international police cooperation to combat cybercrime — the Interpol Global Complex for Innovation, which will open in Singapore in 2014. James Pang, assistant director of the digital crime investigative support subdirectorate at Interpol Digital Crime Center, said the initiative will build capacity and support police in their endeavors to confront 21st century crime. ?We seek to complement rather than duplicate other national approaches from both law enforcement and other stakeholders, minimizing opportunities for cyber criminals to circumvent our efforts to secure cyber space,? he said.]]>

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