Oil firm to use mobile app to monitor growth of trees

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[/caption] PTT Philippines has partnered with Wide-Out Workforces Inc. for the project. Wide-Out is the developer of SnapPlot, a social media reporting tool which allows users to ?snap? photos and save its GPS (global positioning system) location via the SnapPlot mobile application. SnapPlot was first created for anyone who wants to gather pictures and information from the public. For this project, however, PTT will use the system to let consumers monitor the development of their own trees thru the Internet. Every six months, photos of the trees will be taken and uploaded to the SnapPlot website. Links to these photos will then be sent to the participating consumers via email. ?There are tree planting activities around where people [are given a chance to] sponsor a tree, but they don?t really know where the tree was planted, or if the tree was even planted,? said Kristofferson Austria, SnapPlot?s project manager. Austria pointed out that with SnapPlot, the consumer will be able to identify the exact location of his/her tree, and see how it will grow up over time. PTT also emphasized the importance of the consumer?s involvement in the project from beginning to end. ?We want our consumers to see for themselves the progress of their contribution in saving our environment. We want them involved and committed,? said Korawat Sungmongkol, Corporate Communications Manager, PTT Philippines. PTT said it hopes to see continuous support from the consumers as the project progresses. ?This is not just a one time, big time event. This is an extensive commitment to protect our environment,? added Sungmongkol. Ten thousand trees are expected to be planted under the program in the next six months. ]]>

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