Rustan?s taps IBM for retail transformation via managed services

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[/caption] Traditionally, Rustan?s has managed technology on a store-by-store basis. However, this approach is straining under increasing in-store complexity, varied and increased customer expectations, which demand better organizational efficiency and customer satisfaction. With a wide retail network Rustan?s needed to standardize its technology and processes to offer a seamless experience to its customers across stores. Also, escalating costs associated with maintaining in-store technology, including managing continuous upgrades and training on new technologies has added to this growing challenge. ?The retail industry demands high levels of availability for store technology. For example, customers cannot complete purchases if the point-of-sale (POS) system is down. Making customers wait not only means loss of business opportunity but also impacts the reputation of a brand,? said Mike Huang, special assistant to the president, Rustan Commercial Corporation. ?Our policy at Rustan?s is to provide an outstanding customer experience at all times. This is why we have chosen IBM to manage this part of our IT services because it will help ensure that our systems are up and running to meet customer demands in a secure environment with a strong focus on consistency and efficiency.? To address these challenges, IBM will provide overall project management services, which will consist of implementing and managing an integrated retail IT support solution designed to support Rustan?s service desktops and laptops, and point-of-sale systems. The IBM solution includes break-fix and onsite support to help address any potential system outages so that immediate action can be undertaken to ensure continuous business operations and services. These solutions will then help to form the basis for a reinforced IT infrastructure, capable of helping in Rustan?s drive towards offering its customers with smarter retail experience ?IBM is excited to be part of Rustan’s journey into smarter retailing,? said Mariels Almeda Winhoffer, president and country general manager of IBM Philippines. ?This managed services project is a fitting start to support their vision to become the retailer of choice in the Philippines. Notably, it will increase organizational productivity and availability while reducing risks, resulting in overall better store operations and enhanced customer experience and satisfaction.”]]>

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