Report shows cybercriminals have gone mobile

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[/caption] In a roundtable briefing with reporters at the Trend Labs center in Pasig City on Wednesday, Aug. 7, Trend Micro executives said they have so far tracked about 718,000 Android malware, with the volume continuing to surge. ?Nearly all Android devices were exposed due to critical vulnerabilities. Many users were also not able to get fixes,? said Macky Cruz, technical marketing consultant at Trend Micro. Citing the report, Cruz said mobile threats usually pass through social media channels, pouncing on account managers and money-making targets. ?One malware that has proliferated lately in the Philippines is the adware, which usually comes with free software that users install,? said Cruz. Another malware doing the rounds is a form of worm that replicates itself in various forms, according to Cruz. Paul Oliveria, technical marketing researcher at Trend Micro, said depending on the data that a user keeps in his or her device, mobile malware could even be more destructive than a PC malware. The report also ranked the Philippines as the 10th country in the world that is at ?risk of privacy exposure due to app use?. ?Similar to last quarter, mobile users in Saudi Arabia downloaded the most number of high-risk apps. Vietnam placed second in light of the increasing mobile device use in the country,? the report noted. The TrendLabs 2Q 2012 Annual Security Roundup said the discovery of OBAD malware and the “master key” vulnerability highlighted cybercriminals’ ability to find ways to exploit flaws in the Android ecosystem. ?We noted that these incidents were designed to bypass security measures and serve as other means for cybercriminals to gain control over devices. More online banking threats were seen in different countries this quarter, specifically in Brazil, South Korea, and Japan. These highlighted the need for increased awareness of online banking security,? it said. ]]>

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