SAP says Big Data is real, cites transformative BI deployments

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[/caption] While its definition varies among vendors and analysts, Big Data is generally referred to as the agglomeration of information from structured and unstructured sources of data such as text messages and social media. At the event held at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, top SAP regional officials rattled off a number of global clients which have rolled out its business intelligence (BI) and analytic solutions meant to solve the Big Data puzzle. In their testimonials, companies such as Tetra Pak and Kimberly-Clark recounted how the implementation of BI and analytics from SAP brought real-world insights and smarter decision-making to their systems. In the case of Denmark-based Tetra Pak, it started rolling out in 2012 a global BI program based on SAP solutions after being blown away by the vast amount of crucial information it got from its initial BI implementation in 2005. In an interview with Southeast Asian media, Tetra Pak chief financial officer Fredrik Ohlsson said the predicting capability of SAP?s BI solution is almost fool-proof. ?It?s absolutely crucial to us because it gives us the single version of the truth in our operations,? Ohlsson said. “If there was an instance when the BI tool produced the wrong output, we readily corrected it by tweaking the correct predictive settings.? Another company that is extremely satisfied with its BI platform is consumer goods manufacturer Kimberly-Clark, which said the data analytics play an important role in tracking the sales performance of its brands such as Huggies diapers and Kleenex tissues during promotion and measures the results against its market projections. Aside from ?faster and more informed? decision-making, the company said its BI deployment has allowed its business managers to uncover patterns and trends in the business data, enabling them to accurately anticipate customers? needs, and share insights across the organization. Also, the mobile version of its BI tool has allowed Kimberly-Clark to build a portfolio of mobile BI applications that provide key decision-makers with access to analytics and ?powerful? insights. The list of BI users of SAP which has somehow benefited in extricating the complexities of Big Data also includes fashion retailer Burberry and electric car pioneer Tesla Motors ? both use vast amounts of data culled from customer feedback and reviews in the Internet and social media. Kurt Bilafer regional vice president for analytics at SAP Asia Pacific and Japan, said that SAP — being the ?world?s largest analytics provider? — clearly sees BI as indispensable tool to businesses in this age of Big Data. ?The power of analytics lies on the personalization of each individual choice. That is the most crucial factor in making and ultimately in making a business succeed,? he said. ]]>

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