In audacious move, changes name to

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By Tom Noda Its status as the most popular website in the Philippines did not deter the foreign owners of to make the bold decision to drop its local name and take on a more ?global? brand. At a press briefing on Wednesday, March 19, the country?s biggest homegrown website announced that it has rebranded itself as, adopting the name of Online Exchange, the world’s biggest brand in classifieds. [caption id="attachment_16600" align="aligncenter" width="620"] founder and now OLX Philippines managing director RJ David founder and now OLX Philippines managing director RJ David[/caption] The shift was formally announced by RJ David, founder of and now OLX Philippines managing director, in a media event at the New World Hotel. Internet users who type will now be redirected to In a way, the change of the brand also eliminates the pesky problem related to its domain name since a number of websites also have ?sulit? in their URLs. A few years ago, lost its legal battle to prevent a smaller rival,, from using the name. According to David, the rebranding is being initiated with a new business campaign and some technology innovations that are ?geared towards gaining the next one million Filipino online sellers, in addition to Sulit’s more than two million members of both online sellers and buyers.? “Our goal is to be able to dominate global classifieds war,” David said, noting that the company?s plan ? and name switch ? was first mentioned in December 2013 when Sulit and OLX formally merged. OLX is a US online company based in New York City that is currently available in more than 100 countries like India, Brazil, and Portugal. It is also being used in more than 40 languages. David said the company’s latest campaign called “Yesss Yaman!” (or Yes to Riches), urges the selling of second-hand items than brand new ones, while the website’s new innovations include a simplified ad process, an upgraded Android app which will soon become available on iOS, and a responsive website that adjusts to all device screen sizes such as PC, tablet, mobile phones, and even TV. “Our new responsive site will be released this coming April 2014,” David said. The executive reported more people are now searching for second-hand items, citing that such activity has been increasing from September 2013 up to the present, from 20 percent to more than 50 percent. And aside from providing a new platform, David said the Yesss Yaman strategy is well on growing’s C2C (customer-to-customer) business. “On OLX, you don?t have to be a merchant or a business owner in order to sell. As long as you have an item you are no longer using, OLX is for you,” he said. David stressed that Sulit members no longer need to create a new user account or repost active ads and that the usual free posting of ads will still remain. The rebranding will not also affect the company’s local management team, which is now called Team OLX Philippines, as it will still be managed by David and his wife Adrianne, along with the same Sulit team that has been serving the Internet company since its launch in 2006. David added OLX is now putting more emphasis on location that can also encourage more face-to-face transactions. “Classifieds is all about local people selling their items to other people in their area. When someone posts his item on OLX, that item will be immediately available on users looking for that item within the same location,” he said. OLX is also planning to expand its customer support team to provide users with timely support even at night and during weekends. “We are now also screening ads posted under our buy-and-sell category before they become live in OLX. This is to ensure that quality ads are being displayed to our buyers which will help our sellers to sell their items fast,” David said. ]]>

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