Pinoy phone brand unveils high-end model with wireless charger

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By Tom Noda Unlike most local phone brands that have set their eyes only in the entry-level market, Starmobile is taking a different tack by making its presence felt in the high-end smartphone arena with the launch of its new 5-inch Octa Core phone. star2 Called Starmobile Octa, the device is armed with wireless charging and near field communication (NFC) capabilities. It is equipped with an 8MP front camera with LED flash, and an 18MP auto-focus rear camera with dual LED flash. The NFC technology allows the two devices to communicate instantly and is often claimed to be the fastest way to transfer data from one device to another since it no longer requires step-by-step tasks such as authentication and pairing. Complementing the NFC is the Octa’s free 2-in-1 wireless charger and Bluetooth speaker, both valued at P2,490. It allows users to charge their battery or play music without having to plug in cords and cables. Starmobile executives officially unveiled the Octa in a press briefing on Wednesday, March 19, at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, declaring it as “the most advanced device ever created by the local brand” with a suggested retail price of P16,990. The phone will be available nationwide by the end of March. [gallery type="slideshow" ids="16622,16623,16624,16625,16626"] Available in red and black colors, the phone model is powered by an Octa core processor by MediaTek. It has 2GB of memory (RAM) and 32GB of internal storage. The phone’s 5-inch scratch-resistant screen features OGS or One Glass Solution allowing users to watch movies in full 1080p high-definition. Designed to cater to “selfie-loving” Filipinos, Octa’s 8MP front and 18MP rear cameras are also equipped with Back Side Illumination (BSI) sensors to ensure clear and crisp photos even in low light conditions. The device also has an embedded ClearMotion technology, a proprietary one by MediaTek, which automatically converts videos to 60 frames-per-second to create more fluid-looking movements. ]]>

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