Survey: Asians need phones, Westerners need credit cards

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agoda travel The survey, conducted online in February 2014, asked over 50,000 customers from all over the world what they least wanted to forget on vacation. Asian and Western travelers, it seems, have different priorities when packing for a trip. Forty five percent of travelers from Asia said their mobile phone was the one item they did not want to forget; credit cards came in second with 29 percent of the vote. But for Europeans and travelers from the Americas, credit cards were far more important than phones. Forty seven percent of travelers from Europe picked credit cards as the item they?d least like to forget; for travelers from the Americas it was 44 percent. Only 19 percent of Europeans and travelers from the Americas picked mobile phones. The French had the largest disparity between these two items — 58 percent picked their credit card as the one thing they would least like to forget, while only 9 percent picked mobile phones. agoda Mobile phones were clearly the priority among travelers from Asia, with one exception, the Japanese. They were the only group in Asia to choose credit cards over mobile phones, 38 percent to 28 percent. Despite all of these differences, travelers from all over the world seemed to agree that toiletries were among the least important items to pack. ]]>

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