Asia cable consortium expects to fix fiber breaks by mid-April

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The APCN Cable Route. Photo credit: The APCN Cable Route. Photo credit:[/caption] This is because the regional cable consortium that operates the fiber network in which PLDT is a member is expecting repair works on the fissures in the system to last until mid-April. The Asia Pacific Cable Network (APCN) said it recently suffered two fiber breaks in the areas between Taiwan-Japan and China-Korea. ?This has impacted on telecoms traffic in a large area of the Asia Pacific region, including the Philippines. As a result, this may affect your data service,? PLDT said in an advisory. The APCN has a landing site in Batangas from where PLDT connects to the fiber-optic network. A spokesperson from PLDT said the breaks in the cable system have already been spotted and that intensive restoration efforts are now being undertaken. ?In the meantime, we have re-routed voice and data traffic to two other international cable systems — the Asia-America Gateway and the Asia Submarine Cable Express,? the carrier said. ]]>

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