Donor countries, agencies given access to content mgm?t of FAiTH website

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faith (3) Donor countries and multilateral organizations will be given information on how to log in, manage content, and track their pledges on the FAiTH website through the account details to be distributed by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). It will enable donors to input cash and non-cash pledges electronically, with each successful pledge entry generating a unique transaction ID that can be used to monitor submitted information, Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda said. Donors will then be able to export each entry as a PDF (portable document format) file, which can be printed and attached as an annex to a note verbale to the DFA. On the part of the FAiTH Task Force, all information submitted by donors and partners will be accounted for, as electronic alerts will be sent to the DFA, Lacierda said. The DFA will receive from donors and partners an official diplomatic communication via note verbale, and will then be able to authenticate each electronic submission. Upon verification, the DFA will clear submissions for publication on the FAiTH portal. ?This development brings into the process our partners and friends in the international community ? a testament to the importance of monitoring and managing aid, and, more importantly, a testimony to the shared responsibility of holding everyone accountable,? Lacierda said. According to the latest figures posted on the FAiTH website, a total of P25,882,360,026.67 in foreign aid was pledged to the Philippines. Of this figure, only P643,203,308.23 was coursed through the government. FAiTH was launched in November 18, 2013, 10 days after ?Yolanda? struck, to provide information on calamity aid and assistance, whether in cash or in kind, received by the Philippines from nations and multilateral organizations, as well as those coursed through embassies abroad. ]]>

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