Kickstart co-founds new alliance of Asia Pacific start-up incubators

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Innov8 Sparks,” which is said to be the first of its kind in Asia Pacific. The regional grouping aims to provide assistance to eligible start-ups to expand outside their respective home markets, into Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. innov8 Apart from Kickstart, the founding members of Innov8 Sparks are SingTel Innov8, AIS The Startup, Optus-Innov8 Seed, and Telkomsel ?Teman-Dev?. Edgar Hardless, CEO of SingTel Innov8, said ?We are excited about the launch of Innov8 Sparks, which will help start-ups supported by our programmes to expand beyond their home markets into the SingTel Group footprint.” Dustin Cheng, CEO of ZAP, added, ?Entering new markets is especially hard for a start-up. ZAP has benefited from new connections to both investors and partners provided by Kickstart Ventures and other members of Innov8 Sparks. Many other start-ups will now be able to experience these benefits too.? ZAP is a rewards platform in the Philippines that was launched last year with the support of Kickstart. Start-ups in the Innov8 Sparks program will have access to working space, introductions to local partners and start-up communities, as well as local market information and resources. ]]>

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