Upgraded version of ?Yolanda? donation website unveiled

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Foreign Aid Transparency Hub (FAiTH), a website created by the government to track the aid and assistance given to the Philippines in the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda. [caption id="attachment_17567" align="aligncenter" width="586"]Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda announcing the launch of the new site in a press briefing in Malacanang. Photo credit: PIA Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda announcing the launch of the new site in a press briefing in Malacanang. Photo credit: PIA[/caption] Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said the enhancements in the new version allow the site to ?deliver more fully on its promise of transparency and accountability? on the money donated by foreign countries. ?With each embassy or organization now possessing a unique account username and password, they now have the ability to input or update their country or organization?s cash and non-cash pledges,? said Lacierda. ?As embassies update their data, each successful entry will generate a unique transaction ID and an electronic alert sent to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). Each update must also be officially communicated to the DFA via Note Verbale. ?A number of these embassies and organizations have already updated their data; thus, the figures on this version of FAiTH are also the most updated figures on aid and assistance,? he added. The Palace official said version 2.0 will also record assistance pledged or given by private, foreign non-government organizations (NGOs) made to the Philippines as long as this assistance has been officially communicated to the DFA through Note Verbale. Donations from private individuals coursed through Philippines embassies abroad are also included in the tally, according to Lacierda. ?In light of the enhancements that have been made to FAiTH, we are respectfully calling on the entire diplomatic corps, as well as our other development partners, to provide detailed information on the aid and assistance they have given,? he said. FAiTH version 2.0, he said, is founded on a system that emphasizes accuracy and collective responsibility to ensure that every form of assistance given out of the good will of the global community achieves its intended goal of helping the survivors of Yolanda. ]]>

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