iLuv intros alarm clock with ?bed shaker?

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timeshaker The bed shaker fits comfortably under a pillow and vibrates just enough to wake up the user, feeling unhurried and relaxed. The dual-alarm function on TimeShaker also allows for two separate alarms. One can be for weekdays and another for the weekend. Or, a user can set one for him/herself and another for his/herpartner. Each alarm can be set to a different alarm option, whether it?s the buzzer, radio or music from an iPod or iPhone. The TimeShaker can also automatically sync to the time an iPhone or iPod by just simply hitting the TimeSync button. It can also charge an iPhone or iPod by using the TimeShaker while the user is asleep. Its jumbo LCD display with 10-level dimmer allows users to see the time even from a distance and adjust the brightness of the screen during the day or in the evening. The iLuv TimeShaker, which is available for P4,990, is distributed in the Philippines by MSI-ECS. For availability and detailed specifications, please email or call 688-3180 to 83. You may also visit the iLuv concept store at the 4th floor Building B, Cyber Zone Area, SM Mega Mall. ]]>

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