Samsung continues to close gap behind Apple in tablet war

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tablet market ?Despite questions remaining about data disclosure in 2010 and 2011, Samsung?s release of tablet sales data this past quarter is a good sign for the mobile computing market,? said senior practice director Jeff Orr. ?Whether due to its confidence in the economy, its own business, or a combination of reasons, Samsung continues to demonstrate tablet growth as its 2013 retail push in North America and Western Europe pays off.? The mix of tablet operating systems is also showing signs of stability with only minor changes in shipment share. Android continues to lead new tablet shipments at 56.3 percent for 1Q 2014 followed by iOS at 39.6 percent and Windows 8/RT at 4.1 percent with an accuracy of +/- 3 percent due to vendors yet to report. A bright spot in the quarter was the tablet attach rate level of mobile broadband modems (3G and 4G). A little over 1-in-5 tablets, or 22 percent, shipped with an embedded modem, which is the highest penetration seen since the September quarter of 2011. ?As major advanced markets become saturated, buyers are expanding their tablet use case, which is also pushing up the ASP in these markets,? added Orr. ]]>

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