PH auction site adds ?unique? twist to online bidding

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By Chloe Cabrera With the booming e-commerce in the country, local auction site is trying to rise above its competitors through its ?lowest unique auction? system. bidit Unlike most auctions where the last person to place the highest bid wins the prize, Bidit awards its items to the person whose bid amount is closest to P0.01 and has not been selected by any other bidder. According to the site, its system combines the excitement of a computer game with the opportunity to buy products for only a small fraction of their original prices. ?Lowest unique bidding is a new and one of a kind auction system that is now gaining tremendous feedback especially in the Philippines. Who wouldn?t be interested in lowest unique auction sites? By joining this bidding, strategies can be used to outwit other participants and bring home the prize at stake,? it said. Launched in 2013, Bidit caters to Philippine residents above 18 years of age. The auction site promises its customers a safe, user-friendly, and fraud-free environment where Filipinos can buy gadgets, electronics, gift cards, and other goods for below P100. Users may bid as low as P0.01 for an item, and may increase their bids by as much or as little as they want, with the minimum increment being 1 centavo. Since auction participants cannot view the bid amounts of their opponents, they have to play and think strategically in order to come up with the lowest and most unique bid. Once a certain bid amount is entered by two or more bidders, those bids will automatically be considered as non-unique. Bidders can join auctions by registering for free on the site and buying credit bundles to use for bidding. Each auction has a different bid fee, which will be deducted from the bidder?s credit account with every bid made in an auction. For convenience, Bidit offers credit bundles for as low as P200 and P500 and up to as much as P4,500 and P9,500. Payment for these credit bundles may be done through DragonPay, Cashsense, and Paypal. The website also supports all payments made through credit cards, mobile phones, and over-the-counter transactions. Each auction on Bidit has three phases, the first being ?Bidit 1 + 1?, where the bidder gains one free bid in the same auction for every bid placed. The next phase, ?Bidit 3 + 1?, gives the bidder one free bid in the same auction for every three bids made. Finally, the ?Just Bidit? phase is a limited time period where users can place their final bids and the winner will be decided once the allotted time runs out. Upon winning, the bidder will receive a confirmation email and be contacted by a Bidit team representative. Prizes are delivered via LBC and Xend, and pickups from LBC branches can also be arranged. To date, Bidit has held over 190 successful auctions, with prizes such as credit bundles, SM gift certificates, smartphones, headphones, televisions, powerbanks, and tablets. ]]>

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