Known for hardware, Fuji Xerox rolls out cloud services in PH

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By Ylexis Kyle-Michael R. Rualo Fuji Xerox Philippines Inc. (FXPI), which has made a name creating hardware products such as copiers and printers, has announced the availability of its cloud services in the country. The new services — Working Folder, Instant Document Translation, and Pre-Emptive Remote Maintenance — have the objective of providing consumers an opportunity to simplify and increase productivity of document services operation and ensure optimized uptime. [caption id="attachment_18669" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Fuji Xerox Philippines president Iwao Abe Fuji Xerox Philippines president Iwao Abe[/caption] The Working Folder is a cloud solution that enables users to send, receive, and share documents at officers or in mobile environments. Best fit for consumers with minimum IT assets, documents are shared via Working Folder without accessing the intranet directly. It also allows seamless utilization and distribution of documents that are used in group work within and outside the company network via smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Various access methods are offered to upload and download files to and from the Working Folder. No additional software is required when accessing the folder form the Web browser. Another new cloud solution is the Scan Translation Service, which scans paper documents through a multifunctional device and produces translated documents. It allows users to grasp the gist of a document written in a foreign language and facilitate communication. The solution retains the original layout of the document to enable consumers to easily grasp key points. Translated text can also be inserted above the original text so that users can compare the result either by sentence or by words. DocuWorks and PDF format files stored in Working Folder or uploaded from a personal computer can be translated using Scan Translation Service directly from the cloud. ?With the Fuji Xerox Scan Translation cloud-based service, never has document language translation been as easy as photocopying. This is one of the innovative ways Fuji Xerox is serving the ever-evolving needs of the market having a cross-border setting,? Anna Penaflor, FXPI head of product management, said in a press statement. The local office also launched the Production Remote Service, which allows the company to monitor consumers? digital press in order to prevent problems from occurring. Machine data logs sent online to FXPI allow engineers to predict what components need to be replaced to enhance performance or prevent a threat. Once a problem has been identified, it can either be resolved by remote or by field personnel. FXPI is notified of a threat to a device even before users become aware of it. The company will then inform the consumers about the problem and allow them to decide how it should be resolved. The remote service transmits data that are limited only to maintenance-related information or machine counters to ensure security of business information. All communication between the customers? digital press and FXPI uses Simple Object Access Protocol over an encrypted HTTPs link and can only be initiated from the machine to the company, and vice-versa only when the customer permits it. ?By availing of Production Remote Service, it?s like having an engineer onsite 24/7 constantly monitoring your machine and taking preventive actions to ensure maximum machine uptime and productivity,? Dewey Gan, FXPI product manager for production systems business, said in a statement. The Production Remote Service is already available for existing technology. It is set as a standard service for new models by capturing signals. Older technology cannot send signals and avail of the service. As for the Working Folder and Scan Translation cloud solutions, consumers can avail of these services through monthly subscriptions. To optimize equipment and get the most out of the devices, users are encouraged to subscribe. Fuji Xerox Philippines president Iwao Abe said printing companies would benefit the most from these services amidst market growth. BPO and software companies are also foreseen as other industries that would benefit from these innovations. ]]>

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